apache+oracle+php/fi on HP-UX

apache+oracle+php/fi on HP-UX

Post by Frank Steine » Wed, 08 Oct 1997 04:00:00

I'm running apache_1.2.4 with PHP/FI and msql. That works great!

Now i try to compile a php module for apache with oracle access. What
changes do i have to make, to get a working version? My httpd is now
2.6MB big and can only read and delete from oracle, but not write.
Please show me a good Makefile and which version you use.

Frank Steiner


1. Apache & PHP & HP-UX: Bad Mojo?


I'm trying to run PHP 4.0 as an Apache module (static) on my HP-UX 11.0
server. I followed the "Quick Installation Instructions (Apache Module
Version" from Chapter 2 of the PHP Manual. Everything seemed to go fine -
a smooth build. My problem is that the server isn't interpreting my .php
files; when I point a browser at my "Hello World" file - test.php - I'm
prompted to save the file. Looks like a classic mime.types problem. The
PHP FAQ says that the PHP module isn't being invoked for some reason, and
to check the output from apache's httpd -l:

        Compiled-in modules:
        suexec: disabled; invalid wrapper /opt/apache/bin/suexec

Not sure if that last line is causing any problems, but it appears that
the PHP module is loaded.

Next, the FAQ says to make sure that

        AddType application/x-httpd-php .php

is in the httpd.conf file. Yes, it's there, although within an <IfModule
mod_mime.c>  bracket. So, I added another instance of the above AddType
line that wasn't within an IfModule. No joy.

Lastly, the FAQ says to make sure the httpd.conf I'm editing is the one
the server is looking at. Check. (Yes, it is).

I also tried adding the .php mime type to mime.types. No joy. Oh, and I
also changed the user/group in httpd.conf (can't use the group "nogroup"
in HP-UX, I gather) as the documentation says.

Nothing in the error_log file. Everything looks good - except it won't
work. Any ideas? I'm stumped.  :-/

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