NCSA 142, Solaris, 'will not follow link' on non-link

NCSA 142, Solaris, 'will not follow link' on non-link

Post by Doug Sewe » Wed, 12 Jul 1995 04:00:00

(I hope this isn't a FAQ...)
We're running NCSA httpd 1.4.2 on Solaris 2.4.  We just installed it

The user home directories are on the /export/home filesystem - ie
/export/home/doug.  /export is in the root filesystem.  There are no
symbolic links.  My home directory and public_html directory are
world-readable/searchable, as is index.html.

If the user directory in access.conf is specified as:

<Directory /*/public_html*>
AllowOverride all
Options Indexes ExecCGI

Then I get the following error message:

[Tue Jul 11 11:47:32 1995] httpd: will not follow link
[Tue Jul 11 11:47:32 1995] httpd: access to /export/home/lou/public_html failed
for localhost, reason: client denied by server configuration from -

Adding 'SymLinkIfOwnerMatch' doesn't change it.  Likewise if I install the
'SymlinkIfOwnerRoot' patch.  The server was restarted each time.

If I specify 'FollowSymLinks' then it works fine, even though no symlinks
are involved.  I'm puzzled by this... suggestions ?  A Solaris-Ism ?  (it
doesn't happen on AIX).



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1. Solaris 2.5 root doesn't follow soft links?

The only suggestion I have is to run the hash/rehash function. A simpler
way is to figure out if the oldest shell (before the links were made?) is
the one having problems and new shells work. That will clearly show that
it's not finding it in the path because the link wasn't there when the shell

Of course you could always log out and back in. That'll do the same


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