httpd not responding

httpd not responding

Post by Mohammad Mal » Sat, 22 Jun 1996 04:00:00

Hi Everyone,

I have compiled Apache 1.0.5 and I am running it.. Everyone this seems to
be running fine.. I see httpd process owned by root and child processes
own by nobody / nogroup. but I can't connect to the server. I am running
it under Linux. The server is not responding I can't even telnet to port
80. It doesn't respond. but if I kill httpd port 80 would responnd.. I
tried using different ports.. but no difference. I would really appreciate
it if someone can help me on this. Please reply me by emai


M. Malik


1. Why apache(httpd) not responding?

I am writing HTTP client to talk to HTTP Server on the
same machine. (RH 6.1)

I could do connect to httpd properly and sent the HTTP
reuest using send call. The following is the request:
"GET index.html HTTP/1.0/r/n"

Then I do recv but it is hangging. Server is not responding
to this.

Opening netscape I could see server running well.
Is the problem with request? Why server is not responding?

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