ISO: Internet Access Provider Server

ISO: Internet Access Provider Server

Post by Jong-chih Chi » Sun, 20 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Let me apologize first if this is an inappropriate group.
This is posted for a friend in Indonesia:

A friend and I are thinking of providing internet access, specifically
Web access, for Indonesian busiiness communities.

I need to search the Web for the cheapest ISP (Internet Service Provider)
that will give me a full control of a server on their premise?  All they
need to do for me is to host the server and back- up the data routinely.  
They also need to do everything else that physically I would not be able
to do because I am thousands of miles apart from where they are physically
(assuming the best price/performance ISP is located outside of Indonesia.).


Jong-Chih Chien


1. Q:using AIX as an Access Server for an Internet Service Provider?

Hi All,

We are long time AIX users and developers and we'd like to
continue using AIX as our Access Server for remote users to connect
to our network.

Our configuration has a Compaq Microcom 6000 (the Remote Access
Concentrator) and (hopefully) our old friend AIX acting as an Access
The other possibilities are to use a Cisco product (Cisco 2511) or an NT

Unfortunately we've not been able to find support for L2F or LT2F on
These protocols are used from the Compaq Microcom 6000 to request user
validation to an Access Server when a remote users calls in,
a PPP tunnel to the server (they are in fact tunnelling protocols).

a. is anybody using this already? Wants to share expirience?
b. has anybody knowledge on this configuration and eventually can direct
   me to the web page/site where I can find info on that?

If I've been unclear but you think you may be of help, please do not
hesitate to contact me. I'm a bit desperate, actually.

Any help gratefully appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


tel. +39 0363 313811
fax  +39 0363 301804

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