Apache 1.0.2 - two simple installation Qs

Apache 1.0.2 - two simple installation Qs

Post by Ken Siml » Thu, 08 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Sorry for the newbie questions, but I'll try to keep it brief.

1) when compiling Apache 1.0.2 on an RS/6000 41T (PowerPC) running AIX
3.2.5 (using CC), I got the following error messages:

     759  1500-010: (W) WARNING in child_main: Infinite loop.  Program
may not stop.
    1500-010: (W) WARNING in standalone_main: Infinite loop.  Program
may not stop.

I always open my eyes for warnings, but I thought that maybe since it's
a daemon, it's not supposed to stop.  Is this message normal, or is
something really wrong?

2) where does one get the "decade-old 'new' DBM libs"?

Thanks in advance.  Email or replies to the group are equally welcome.

Ken Simler


1. x86 simple Qs - install stalled

I plan to set up a multi-boot machine with Solaris 8, Win98SE, WinNT4
and OpenBSD.  This is not a production machine, but I'll use it rather
for learning & experimenting.  It's an AMD-486/120 w/ 64 MB, ATI
RageII+TV out, 3COM 3509 ISA mode, Yamaha sound card, Conner 250 Tape
drive, SB IDE 48X CD-ROM.

For install purposes I'll only be using the first IDE channel, with a
250MB Quantum drive as the master, formatted with FAT16 and with DOS
installed, and a WD 6 Gig as a slave.  I installed Solaris 8 first and
gave it 1.4GB on the slave.  I used CD1 for install with the boot-up
diskette, as this older mobo cannot boot from the CD (after trying the
install CD and failing just like everybody else).  I chose mostly
defaults and automatic configs.  When it came to partitioning, Solaris
install wanted to allocate space only for / and swap, but then it
stopped with an error.  I then asked it to allocated slices for each
one, and this is what it came out with:

/            c1d0s0          77MB
/usr/openwin c1d0s1         409MB
overlap      c1d0s2        1399MB
/var         c1d0s3          51MB
swap         c1d0s4         169MB
/opt         c1d0s5          40MB
/usr         c1d0s6         649MB

With this config, it only gave me the following warning, and then
proceeded with the install.

Obviously, this motherboard cannot do that, but I plan to install
WinNT at the end of it all, and use its boot loader to choose the OS
to boot.

The install proceeded, it copied the files from the CD, and after
about 1h, there was a Solaris desktop with only a window opened with
the message "setting up mounting points" or something to that effect.
I right clicked and chose Utilities, then nothing happened (or there
was something, but the machine was too slow), anyway, eventually the
message Starting Openwindows appeared and the machine rebooted.
Unfortuantely, as that warning message said, the machine went straight
to DOS.  The install never prompted me for CD 2.

My questions are:

1. Has the install completed, and if not, what should I be doing to
finish it (using the boot-up floppy seems to go through the install
procedure again)?

2. Will I be able to use NT boot loader to start Solaris, and what
would the corresponding entry in boot.ini be?

3. Should I be using bootpart?

4. Are the slices/partitions of usable dimensions?  I plan to add some
other hard drives and a SCSI adapter later on, so I might have to
change the mounting points - is that doable?


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