CERN W3 3.0/21.7 and CGI's

CERN W3 3.0/21.7 and CGI's

Post by Chris Johns » Fri, 19 Apr 1996 04:00:00

     I would REALLY appeciate it very much if I could get in contact
with someone who is running CERN W3 3.0/2.17 HTTPD on an ALPHA with
3.2c DU or higher and who has written cgi's for it.

     I wrote a perl 4 cgi using NSCA a while back.  Worked fine once
I got past a few gotchya's on the learning curve.  NCSA has a few
security problems I'm told.  CERN's seems to have a few less so I'm
changing to CERN's HTTPD.  Now I'm having cgi problems.  I first noticed
these while trying to write my second cgi.  I started getting the client
info box "Document contains no data".  I know this isn't right.  It
worked fine with NCSA and works the first time with CERN.  Thereafter
I get the no data box for a time.  After some indeterminate time it
will work once more and then return to no data.  It also works once
if I restart the server.  I've run it with -v and -vv.  The log and
screen output seem to be insisting that everything is fine as far as I
can tell unless I've missed something (always possible).

     There seems to by either an initialization issue or a time-out
problem of some kind.

     I'm really stuck here people or I wouldn't bother the group.

     I'd REALLY like to get in contact with anyone who knows this beastie
well enough to help.  Much appreciated if someone would respond.  Thank

Chris J.

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CERN W3 3.0/21.7 and CGI's

Post by Chris Dalt » Fri, 19 Apr 1996 04:00:00


Quote:>      I would REALLY appeciate it very much if I could get in contact
> with someone who is running CERN W3 3.0/2.17 HTTPD on an ALPHA with
> 3.2c DU or higher and who has written cgi's for it.

Below is a copy of a mail I posted to the bugs list of the maintainers of
the CERN server. I didn't have any problems with my server after I made
the changes below. (I was getting "document contains no data" like you
from cgi scripts the worked OK of a Sun box. N.B. I did this before I
joined HP and they are not responsible for the code below.


| C.I.Dalton, Hewlett Packard Labs, Filton Rd, Bristol BS12 6QZ, UK. |


N.B. I don't speak for anyone but myself, and usually not even that.



I'm currently running the CERN httpd version 3.0 on a Dec Alpha
running OSF1 3.2C. Previously I was running it on a SunOS 4.1.3
machine. After the move to OSF1 some of the cgi-scripts started giving
the error message "Document contains no data" when accessing them from
netscape, for example. I experimented and found out that it was
dependent on when the script exited. I saw the bug/patch report listed
on your server (titled: Problems with OSF/1 version 3 and scripts) and
applied the patch (which was a "sleep" call") - it made the
scripts work OK *most* of the time but one of our scripts when
executed still caused problems. I looked at the source and came up
with the following fix instead of the one listed on your server. The
changes I made are to the HTScript.c file.

Here's a "diff HTScript.c HTScript.c.orig":

< #ifndef Original
<       int status;
<       /*

<               Surround the call to fread with sighold/sigrelse. If we
<               get a signal when executing the fread system call and we
<               haven't yet read any data, the fread will return straight
<               away (man read).
<               Since we forked a child to execute the cgi script,
<               we will get notified when that child exits (via a SIGCHLD
<               signal).  If we get this child termination signal
<               before the parent process (below) has chance to read
<               any data from its output (but has started the fread call),
<               the fread call will return without bringing us any data.
<               Hence we get a "Document contains no data" message in
<               Netscape, for example.
<       */
<       sighold(SIGCHLD);
<       status = fread(input_buffer, 1, INPUT_BUFFER_SIZE, fp);
<       sigrelse(SIGCHLD);
< #else /* Original */
<       int status = fread(input_buffer, 1, INPUT_BUFFER_SIZE,fp);
< #endif        /* Original */
- ---

Quote:>       int status = fread(input_buffer, 1, INPUT_BUFFER_SIZE, fp);

After applying this fix I haven't had any problems with cgi scripts on
the OSF1 box.

Chris Dalton.
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