Netsite: 3 virtual domains?

Netsite: 3 virtual domains?

Post by Stephane 'Hoover' Ham » Wed, 28 Jun 1995 04:00:00

How can I set 3 virtual domains with Netsite under Solaris 2.4? We currently
have 3 network cards, one of which is the primary interface (of course). We
managed to make it work using proxies on the port 80 of all interfaces
redirecting requests to port 2095 of the primary interface.

However, Netsite is supposed to be able to use virtual domains. How can I
achieve this?

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1. Virtual Domains: NetSite sucks?

  I think the main gripe he has is that you have to run a separate
instance of the server to serve each domain, which can be a bit of a
pain.  Suppose you have 20 domains on one solaris box, and each of
your customers wants to have peak performance, so demands that you
prefork 15 child processes for their domain.  That's 300 processes
running.  Ouch.

  I'm not sure how apache or NCSA does the multi-domain stuff, so they
may or may not be more efficient.

  -Bill P.

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