Apache/Cocoon/XML->PDF [Q] How to change enclosed XML/DTD/XSL to produce multi-page PDF?

Apache/Cocoon/XML->PDF [Q] How to change enclosed XML/DTD/XSL to produce multi-page PDF?

Post by Stephen Hurrel » Thu, 20 Jul 2000 04:00:00


I am using Oracle 8.0.4, Oracle XSQL, Apache 1.3.12, JServ (latest)
Cocoon 1.7.4 to generate PDF "business letters" from data written into
XML from our correspondence system. I am not a XML/DTD expert and so I
don't know how to construct my XML/DTD/XSL files to create more that a
single <letter> per PDF file. Everything works for single letters and so
now I am trying to extend it to do batch runs over a cursor of data to
generate multi-page PDF.

So how would the following set of files (.xml, .dtd, .xsl) be re-worked
to support multiple page(s) of PDF? How to generate a PDF TOC to each
letter in the batch? Any pointers to info available. I am looking a PDF
zone for ideas now.


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[ biz1.dtd 2K ]
<!--bidnissletter.dtd -->
    <!--The containing tag for the whole document.-->
    <!ELEMENT letter  (company,return-address,date,inside-address,attention?,
                       reference-initials?,cc-list?,enclosure?) >
    <!--The name of the company sending the letter.-->
    <!ELEMENT company  (#PCDATA) >
    <!--The address of the sender of the letter.-->
    <!ELEMENT return-address  (street+,city,state,zip) >
    <!--The date of the letter.-->
    <!ELEMENT date   EMPTY  >
    <!ATTLIST date
                   day  CDATA    #REQUIRED
                   month  CDATA    #REQUIRED
                   year  CDATA    #REQUIRED  >
    <!--The address of the recipient of the letter.-->
    <!ELEMENT inside-address  (name,street+,city,state,zip) >
    <!--The attention line ("Attention: Payroll Department," for example)-->
    <!ELEMENT attention  (#PCDATA) >
    <!--The subject of the letter-->
    <!ELEMENT subject  (#PCDATA) >
    <!--The greeting of the letter.-->
    <!ELEMENT salutation  (#PCDATA) >
    <!--The text of the letter.-->
    <!ELEMENT body  (#PCDATA | strong | emphasis)* >
    <!--The closing greeting.-->
    <!ELEMENT closing  (#PCDATA) >
    <!--Contains the various parts of the signature.-->
    <!ELEMENT signature  (name,job-title?) >
    <!--The initials of the typist. Obsolete, I suppose, but it's here nonetheless.-->
    <!ELEMENT reference-initials  (#PCDATA) >
    <!--A list of people copied on this letter.-->
    <!ELEMENT cc-list  (name+) >
    <!--A list of items enclosed with this letter.-->
    <!ELEMENT enclosure  (#PCDATA) >
    <!--Street address-->
    <!ELEMENT street  (#PCDATA) >
    <!--The city-->
    <!ELEMENT city  (#PCDATA) >
    <!--The state-->
    <!ELEMENT state  (#PCDATA) >
    <!--The zip code-->
    <!ELEMENT zip  (#PCDATA) >
    <!--The name of the person.-->
    <!ELEMENT name  (title?,first-name,last-name) >
    <!--Displays in boldfaced type.-->
    <!ELEMENT strong  (#PCDATA) >
    <!--Displays in italicized type.-->
    <!ELEMENT emphasis  (#PCDATA) >
    <!--The job title of the sender of the letter.-->
    <!ELEMENT job-title  (#PCDATA) >
    <!--The form of address (Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr., etc.)-->
    <!ELEMENT title  (#PCDATA) >
    <!--The person's first name-->
    <!ELEMENT first-name  (#PCDATA) >
    <!--The person's last name-->
    <!ELEMENT last-name  (#PCDATA) >

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Apache/Cocoon/XML->PDF [Q] How to change enclosed XML/DTD/XSL to produce multi-page PDF?

Post by luca_to.. » Thu, 03 Aug 2000 04:00:00

dear Steve,
I think that many people would be happy if you
could post to the newsgroup the exact details on
how you got the system (Oracle+cocoon+xsql+JServ)
to work. Do you think that could be done ?
your contribution would be a big help to all the ones which need to
publish to PDF from Oracle stored data. Something that in theory should
but in practice is not so well documented ... ;-<

regards and compliments

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