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1. Apache/WinNT: Oracle DB of usernames to authenticate Website access

Hey, all:
I need to know how to get Apache's authenticate modules to look at a
table in my Oracle db for username/password, *instead* of using
.htaccess files. I quote this from the O'Reilly book "Apache:the
Definitive Guide" 2nd ed., (by Ben & Peter Laurie), p. 113:
"You can also use an SQL database, employing MySQL or a third-party
package to manage it [, the list of users and groups]."
That's it. In fact, that is the only mention of this capability I have
found ANYWHERE in any documentation or on any Usenet discussion group.
I know it's possible, how do I do it?
Even if someone can just tell me what book to look in or what Website to
peruse, that'd be great!
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