apache + mod_perl + freebsd problem

1. FreeBSD 3.3, FIC VA503+, AMD K6-III, mod_perl, and apache

This is about FreeBSD 3.3 but it takes a while to get there.

Well, I just got some new hardware and was excited about installing
the latest FreeBSD release.  The only catch is that memory prices
skyrocked and I could not afford the PC-100 RAM that I wanted.

I installed 128MB of 60ns EDO Simms but was having various problems
and I had to clock down the processor in order to get the system to
run stable.  At least I thought it was stable.

I downloaded the iso image of 3.3-Release and installed it just fine.
I compiled apache for a test of stability and everything went well.
I then backed up and tried to build mod_perl and apache together but
got errors in the configure step.  Thinking this was hardware related
I clocked the precessor even slower.  Next time the errors occured
during the make.  I did a clean install of 3.3 again at the slower
clock speed but mod_perl and apache would not build.  The compiler
would halt with different errors each time I tried.

Next I was able to dig up some 128MB EDO ECC DIMMs and went though
the whole process again.  Still, mod_perl would not build.

Finally I decided for some reason to go back to FreeBSD 3.2 and give
it a try.  The bottom line is that with 3.2 and my hardware running
at full speed I have a stable system and mod_perl builds without
a hitch.

Either the iso image or CD copy is bad or there are major problems
with FreeBSD 3.3

Has anyone else experienced problems like this with 3.3?


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