Proxy ftp (username/password)

Proxy ftp (username/password)

Post by Cheung Wai-m » Tue, 18 Feb 1997 04:00:00

I am using Apache 1.1.1 and 1.2b6 in solaris 2.5.1. Without
setting proxy in netscape, I can use ftp to connect to a host
with username/password authenticated. But after setting proxy,
I can't connect to the host with the message "You don't have

Does anyone knows the solution?

W.M. Cheung


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I was banging my head on this one for a few hours today at work and
couldn't figure it out.  I work at a state agency that has a
checkpoint proxy server/firewall that you must go through to access
anything past the intranet.  This works fine while in windows where
you enter the proxy address into your web browser, but I it renders my
freebsd server (which I need to test something) useless.  I've been
trying to install ports but they fail because they can't connect to
the ftp site.  I've tried editing the /etc/defaults/make.conf file and
adding the FTP_PROXY var's but still no go.  I haven't found any
varialbe or program switch to enter my username and password that is
required by the proxy server.

Please help!



(Due to that stupid proxy server, I cannot reply to this while at
work, but I can read replies).

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