Linux RedHat5.3, Apache 1.3.6 dbm_fetch & jserv error

Linux RedHat5.3, Apache 1.3.6 dbm_fetch & jserv error

Post by walt.. » Sat, 26 Jun 1999 04:00:00

Hi, I'm compiling Apache1.3.6 for Linux RedHat 5.3. If I merely use the
./configure script with DSO support, and I do Make and make install, when I
run i get the following error:

Syntax error on line 95 of /www/httpd/conf/httpd.conf: Cannot load
/www/httpd/libexec/ into server:
/www/httpd/libexec/ undefined symbol: dbm_fetch

If I add libriaries with a command like this: LIBS=-ldbm //also tried -lgdbm
before invoking ./configure, I get a working httpd on a i386 where i have
installed RedHat5.3 (mandrake) from scratch. I keep getting the same error on
the second machine where i have upgraded from RH5.0 to 5.2 and to 5.3. I've
checked the lib*dbm.*, and they are the same (I've copied them) on the two

Any idea on why do I have such a bug??

Anyway, I have copied the httpd and everything works fine, but i have a
similar problem when I try to install APacheJserv1.0 and JSDK2.0. On the
first machine (the newly installed) everything weorked well, on the second
machine (the upgraded) at best I get this line in the error_log:

[Fri Jun 25 08:50:41 1999] [error] Cannot remove module mod_jserv.c: not
found in module list [Fri Jun 25 08:50:42 1999] [notice] Apache/1.3.6 (Unix)
configured -- resuming normal operations

Of course the two installations are identical. I have even tried to replicate
the directory structure and to copy, to copy the entire jserv
dir and jsdk dir. Nothing. I get the same error. The weird fact is that if I
try to launch jserv from commnad line: java orc.apache...Jserv ... sometimes
it works!!

ANy idea (beside reformatting the second machine and installing from scratch
RH5.3) would be great!

Walter Gamba
CSI Piemonte

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Thanks in advance
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