CERN ftp server can't open PASV for CERN httpd 3.0

CERN ftp server can't open PASV for CERN httpd 3.0

Post by Oreshkin Anatol » Thu, 29 Jun 1995 04:00:00


    Could you help me ?
  I am running CERN proxy httpd 3.0 libwww 2.17 on IRIX 4.0.5.
  When I attempt to retrive files from cern ftp
  using Mosaic   I get the message "530 Can't open passive connection".
  But from other ftp servers, for example I don't
  get such a message and everything is OK. May be I have configured my
  httpd.conf not correctly ? Or something else ?



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I recently downloaded the CERN httpd Linux binary.

When enabling the security username/password option, I noted that
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   CERN httpd 3.0 (this is a hotlink to CERN )

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If possible, an email to

Thank you

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