Q: Apache & ftp-behavior

Q: Apache & ftp-behavior

Post by Rainer Scher » Sat, 16 Oct 1999 04:00:00


 I have a strange "problem" here (in fact, it's not a problem
 because apache is working fine, but I want to understand
 the problem)...

 We have a solaris server (2.6) & apache 1.3.9 running on our IntraNet.
 To get a true FTP access, I've configured sun's  ftpd to run on the
 same virtual address as one of the apache virtual host.
 Apache also runs an internal proxy server...

 /etc/hosts-entries: (virtual ip addresses on the sun server)  info.rexroth.de  ftp.rexroth.de # IntraNet www  proxy.rexroth.de                # apache virtual proxy

 Apache ServerRoot:  /var/httpd/...
 FTP-Root:           /var/ftpd/...   (not known to any apache config)

 Both apache and ftpd are working fine and doing their job greatly...

 But when accessing ftp://ftp.rexroth.de on a web browser
 (via apache proxy) I get a directory index generated by apache
 (you can see the apache signature "apache ftp.rexroth.de on Port
 80"), not the raw "ls" listing of the ftpd. Switching of the
 proxy in Netscape browser shows the raw "ls" of the ftpd.

 What makes me curious and my question is:
   apache doesn't know the FTP-Root of the ftpd.
   Does Apache an internal redirect to the ftpd and reformat the
   "ls" (directory index) command? Or how does apache (on port 80)
   know the ftp directory?

   And how do I switch on fancy indexing 8-) without defining a new
   virtual host - possible?

 Any hint?

 -- rainer


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