apache proxy module support HTTP 1.1??

apache proxy module support HTTP 1.1??

Post by Marc Slemk » Sun, 14 Mar 1999 04:00:00

>Hi, everyone!
>Does anyone know if apache proxy module supports HTTP 1.1?  from the FAQ in
>the apache org, it only states that it supports HTTP 1.0. Also, does the
>apache proxy module supports hierarchical caching?

No and only sortof.  Read the docs for details.

1. Schedule for HTTP/1.1 support in Apache Proxy module?

So, what is the time scale for adding HTTP 1.1 support in the Apache
proxy module?

We're needing to use a HTTP/1.1 proxy at work, and would prefer to use
Apache because of a number of reasons (including the desire to keep
the number of different server packages low). Is HTTP/1.1 support
coming soon, or are there any other proxy packages out there that
support HTTP/1.1?

Who is working on the support, anyway? Do you want help? I may be able
to swing help your way, possibly (not really sure, though).
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