Internet Server

Internet Server

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I was wondering what is needed to setup a web server.  Cost, expectations,
security issues.  Any help, feedback, or experiences would be appriciated.  


1. FS: Internet Gateway Server (Departmnetal or Internet Server)

New Internet Gateway Server -Department Server for small businesses or
internet server
                         20-300 Users.

100 % Sparc Compatible SS20 base system with SS20 system board, SS20/71
CPU module, 75MHz microSPARC, 1Mbyte SuperCache, 1 to 2 CPU
Multiprocessing capability, 32MByteeCC memory module (up to 512 MB), 2.1
GByte 3.5" SCSI-2 hard drive (up to 73 Gbytes), 4 Sbus slots, Built-In
ISDN, Solaris 2.x RTU license, IGS Software Plug-and-Play Solution
Package (Netscape Navigator, Eudora, POP2/POP3 server, firewall security
software, IMAP Server, Telnet, ftp, anonymous ftp server,SMPT,
Asynchronus PPP, Primary/Secondary/Caching DNS Server, HTML
Administration Tool, System Recovery Tool) Netscape Communications
Server, Mouse, Pizza-Box System Chassis, Cable Set, 644Mbyte internal
SCSI-2 CD ROM         $10,995

Dial up, ISDN or T1 Interface

SS20/81 85 MHz  + $400

SGX 120 8-bit Sbus Graphics Accelerators, GX+, 2Mbyte VRAM, 1280x1024,
CG6   $695

Fast Wide Desktop RAID subsystem with 8MByte cache, built-in 33Mhz Risc
R3000 CPU
pizza box style SS/20 form factor, 6x 1.05 GByte hard drive        

Fast Wide Desktop RAID subsystem with 8MByte cache, built-in 33Mhz Risc
R3000 CPU
pizza box style SS/20 form factor6x 2.1 GByte hard drive SS20 form factor

**Note** All Raid Drives are hot swappable, if one drive fails it can be
replaced without interuption or data loss (great for news and mail
servers) Drives are enhanced by up to 32 MB cache memory, data stored in
the write cache is protected by a battery backup. Optimized for use with
the Solaris OS, easy to use GUI config tool. Supports RAID levels 0,1,3,5
and 6. On RAID levels 1 through 6, if a drive fails, a data rebuild will
occur automatically to a global hot spare drive. Need I say more?

E-Mail for more Info.
Pete Baldwin

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