Apache problem ? Netscape stalls

Apache problem ? Netscape stalls

Post by Annette Strupp-Adam » Sat, 13 Jan 2001 07:44:12

I have configured Apache 1.3.12 with JServ 1.1 running on a Sun Enterprise 5500, Solaris 7 system.  Users can

download large files via httpd hyperlinks.  When I attempt to download a file that is larger than 500K, the

Netsape 4.75 browser window reports, for example: 5% of 6031K (stalled, 01:20 remaining). I have increased the

Timeout directive from the default of 300 seconds to 3000 and 30000, but it did not change anything. The server-status

showed in the Conn column that when I tried to download a 1.5 GB file, no bytes were transferred during the connection.

Restarting Apache did not help, which I did not think that it would.  I used to work fine and I could observe in the

access_log that when a request for a large file was submitted to Apache, Apache successively sent chunks back. Now

it only sends one chunk back, and the Netscape download window closes by itself.

What is going on here ? Any hints or suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you,


Annette Strupp-Adams
Senior Systems Analyst

phone: (301) 435-3150
National Library of Medicine


1. solarisx86 & netscape stall problem

I also recommend the Solaris/x86 mailing list.  But in your case, the
problem is simple:  "ring buffer full" means your computer is not fast
enough to keep up with the PPP speed.  You probably don't want to lower
the baud rate any more than it is, so my next guess is that you
installed Driver Update 7 ??  If so, the serial driver (asy) is buggy
and disables the FIFO buffer in your 16550 UART, which will flood your
machine with interrupts compared to enabling the FIFO (it was too much
for my 486 to handle).  I strongly suggest you upgrade to DU8 (available
at http://access1.sun.com).  That should fix your problem!


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