Max virtual domains per machine?

Max virtual domains per machine?

Post by Alexei Rodrigu » Wed, 08 Nov 1995 04:00:00

We are trying to figure out what alternate platforms are available
for doing virtual domains off of our web server.

Curently we use a Motorola Powerstack running AIX 4.1.x. We currently
have over 500 aliases on the ether interface and over 300 virtual
domains served by appache.

In looking at Sun (Solaris 2.x) and SGI machines, the _file limit is
255 out of the box. AIX has a limit of 32k. Slight difference :)

Who else is doing large virtual domains off of a single box? What
are you using and what problems have you found?




1. Limit of MAX VGs and MAX FileSystems per machine

Hi Netters,

        Does AIX have a limit on the maximum number of File
Systems defined? (Note not mounted).

        Also, is there a maximum number of VGs allowed per system?

        I am trying to write an application with support for removeable
storage media, and have to make each media a seperate file system.
Therefore the question on these limits.

P.S. I am running AIX 3.2 on a RS6K 320H.

        Any and all responses appreciated.

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