Netscape Server and IRIX 5.3 > 6.2

Netscape Server and IRIX 5.3 > 6.2

Post by so.. » Fri, 15 Nov 1996 04:00:00

I have a Indy with 5.3 running Netscape Server
(the version prior to Commerce 1.1).

is it going to have any problems if i take the Indy to version 6.2?



1. Follow Up: Irix 6.2 Hangs On Console Login ("amd" on Irix 6.2)

I have done some more digging and I have discovered that this same problem
manifests itself even on machines local to the NIS server. What is
happening is that somehow the automount daemon "amd" is dying at about
the time "clogin -f" and "Xlogin" are being run. So, of course the login
hangs because a home directory cannot be found. "amd" *never* dies if I
login over the network using "rsh" or "telnet" so I have to imagine this a bug
in "clogin" or similar. Anyone have any ideas?

Is anyone else out there running "amd" on Irix 6.2?


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