Contributing a new mod_dir.c for Apache

Contributing a new mod_dir.c for Apache

Post by Vittorio Berto » Wed, 28 May 1997 04:00:00

Hi to everybody,
I'm the webmaster on the students' site in our University, and I'm
writing an enhanced mod_dir.c for Apache (based on the 1.2b10
mod_dir.c). Since I think that features I added could be useful for
everybody, how can I submit my code to the Apache group? Are they
interested in such contributions?

Things I added are:
* Lots of new IndexOptions to toggle on and off from index listings
title, <HTML> & other heading tags, HEADER and README...
* New DirLanguage command to allow index listings in languages
different from english (just italian by now :-) )
* New DirNamesLen command to set width of filenames column in fancy
* New DirTitleLevel command to set <Hx> level of the title in index
* Fixed some "bugs"
* (modifying mod_include.c) new "list" directive in SSI to allow
inserting indexes inside HTML documents, for any valid URI, and
setting options overriding .conf and .htaccess ones
* (for the previous point) internal "by request" config for dir
module, to allow skipping index.html and forcing the directory index
to be produced even if index.html exists

Some other thing are still in progress... by now those new features
work peacefully on my server (I tried to test'em a lot).

.............. ..............
......... .........
Webmaster del sito degli studenti del Politecnico di Torino


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Thanks for all

Felix Sanchez

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