Need arguments, Unix vs NT for www/email server

Need arguments, Unix vs NT for www/email server

Post by Apple » Sat, 03 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Rather than just ask a question that I'm sure has been debated 1,000,000,000 times, could someone direct me to an archive, URL or other location where I might find arguments of which is the better OS for an internet server- UNIX or NT?

1. FreeBSD Web servers (was Re: NT server vs workstation for WWW server)

    FreeBSD is available for downloading at (which
itself is an impressive machine running FreeBSD 2.0).  The 2.0.5
CD-ROM should be available RSN.  Run it on a $2000 486 box and you've
got a very nice Web server.  It also runs NCSA httpd 1.4 in pre-fork
mode, supports virtual network interfaces right out of the box (no
need for VIF patches, or limiting yourself to just two IP addresses)
and the commercial Netsite BSD server runs on FreeBSD.  Note that
Linux supports none of the above.  ;-)

   See for some notes on FreeBSD as
a Web server (running Apache and NCSA httpd).

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