DAV and httpd.conf-Configuration

DAV and httpd.conf-Configuration

Post by Joachim Feis » Wed, 14 Jun 2000 04:00:00


> Hi,
> but now I have another problem:
> I work with dynamic html (Java Servlets)
> when I make with a DAV-Client a get of a ressource I don't get the
> source, I get
> the response (the built html site)
> We work with  JRUN from allaire.
> In the FAQ of mod_dav for apache the show two solutions, one with
> virtual host
> and one with a location directive.
> A active in the virtual host the DAV "DAV On" but the apache says that
> this is
> not allowed.
> When a work with the location directive I get a response not the source!

That is the expected behavior for a GET.
If you want the source, you need to specify the source property. See
the WebDAV spec (RFC 2518), sections 5.4 and 13.10.