Netscape Enterprise: ftp to web server error

Netscape Enterprise: ftp to web server error

Post by Symitar Syste » Wed, 08 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I am running the Netscape Enterprise Server on an IBM RS/6000 with AIX.
When I update an html file and ftp it to the web server I get the error
"Text file busy."

It appears that the Netscape Enterprise Server is some how "locking" the file
and therfore I am no longer able to overwrite this file by putting a new
file in its place.

Any ideas how to overcome this error, or turn off this "locking" feature
of Netscape?





My Netscape 3.61 SSL Enterprise Server fails to respond to generation of new

I can access the non-SSL gateway but not the SSL.

The following error message continues to crop up:

    >Aug  3 12:01:47 praxis ns-httpd[17498]: SSL: create error with
session-id cache
    , pid=17498, rv=-1, error='Permission denied'

Any ideas???

Any suggestions would be appreciated,


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