PHP/FI - is it limited in scope/ability vs. 'other' cgi mthds?

PHP/FI - is it limited in scope/ability vs. 'other' cgi mthds?

Post by Bret » Tue, 08 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Have heard little here about php/fi and apache, and am wondering if
commercial, full-scale applications (e.g. shopping cart systems,
full-blown classified ad systems) are feasible - or if it is necessary to
use Perl or another 'cgi' language/tool?

What are you using and why? Especially in conjunction with apache httpd.

Any shared experiences and insight would be appreciated.



1. Help: 'Malformed option' when trying to compile with PHP/FI as module.


I'm trying to add PHP/FI version 2.0b10 as a module to Apache 1.2b7. I
add the -D\"PHP/FI-2.0b10\" to the EXTRA_CFLAGS row in the beginning of
the Configuration file. I then run 'Configure' successfully, but when
running 'make', it almost immeadetly aborts with:

alloc.c:0: malformed option '-D "PHP/FI-2.0b10"

Obviously something is wrong, I just can't find out what. Any help
extremely greatly appreciated.

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