Frontpage and Apache virtual hosts - help please

1. Apache, FrontPage, and Named virtual hosts, Security, please help !

I have named virtual hosts running on my apache server, and
all is fine, to access and get to the hosts. BUT I have FrontPage
installed (working fine too) but for my "named virtual hosts" Domains
if I try to log into them with FP I get access to the
dang full Server ROOT !

Here it is my normal domain ( works fine and
my normal none domain sub folder for FrontPage work fine.
But under "named virtual hosts" and if I use that
domain name to log in under FP, and not the direct path like FrontPage gives me access to the Server WEB ROOT !
even as a User !... How can I stop this ?

"Now I know why I hate Microsoft so badly"

If you need more info please e-mail me...

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