URGENT request for help..no cgi's work on our server

URGENT request for help..no cgi's work on our server

Post by Dug Birdzel » Wed, 25 Sep 1996 04:00:00


It appears that *any* cgi running on our server at www.sunspot.net fails,
producing these entries in the err log

[24/Sep/1996:08:45:41] catastrophe: for host sailor.lib.md.us trying to
POST /cgi-bin/sunspot/AT/BSCL_Jobs.cgi, send-cgi reports: could not import pipes
into security lib (No such file or directory)
[24/Sep/1996:08:45:47] catastrophe: for host sailor.lib.md.us trying to
GET /cgi-bin/sunspot/getdate.cgi, send-cgi reports: could not import pipes into
security lib (No such file or directory)

We are running netscape commerce server ver. 1.12 .  

We need your assistance as soon as possible!   This site is for the
Baltimore Sun newspaper, which is scheduled to go public with a major
press conference in 5 hours.

Thanks in advance..


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1. HELP: How to pass cgi-bin request to another server.

        Hi there,

        I've been asked by the admin at our site to find a work around
for a problem that we have.  At our site we have 2 web servers. The main
server called www is NOT firewalled and currently runs NCSA 1.5b4 (soon
to be NCSA 1.5b5), the www server also acts at the proxy/cache running
CERN 3.0 on a different port. The other server is called www2, this
server also runs NCSA 1.5b4 and is firewalled behind www.

        As a student, we are unable to have access to www which is not
firewalled, since departmental policy dictates that students are not
allowed to have access to non-firewalled machines, such as www. www2 on
the other hand is firewalled and we have full access to that machine,
unfortunately since it is firewalled, the world cannot 'see' this server
www2, hence it can't be accessed by people unless they are within our
organisation. Denying us access to www also denies us access to the
cgi-bin directory.

        Students would like to be able to allow outside users to run
scripts, currently students can make scripts available to internal users
only on www2. We use the cgiwrap program for security reasons and

        The administration would like to keep the current setup of the
system, without compromising security.

        Somehow there must be some sort of mechanism where a /cgi-bin/
access on www gets passed to www2, where the script is run in a secure
way, and the results are passed back to the outside world via www.

        I feel that this 'problem' has been experienced at some site
somewhere on the internet (with so many hosts, I'd find it hard to
believe that somebody hasn't had this situation!), so perhaps if somebody
knows of existing scripts/programs, documentation, suggestions on how it
could be done etc would be great. If you run a site or know of a site
that has a mechanism allowing to pass cgi-bin requests to another
server, that would be helpful! Even scripts that might need some major
alterations to fit our situation would be appreciated. At least it gets
us in the right direction.  Please email or post, I'll be reading this
newsgroup more often, just to check up on ideas and suggestions.

        BTW, if there is more info required, like the setup or I'm not
clear enough in parts of my post, feel free to post/email and i'll get
back to you as sson as I can.

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