Can't load any CGI or PERL in Win32 version of Apache (1.3.12)

Can't load any CGI or PERL in Win32 version of Apache (1.3.12)

Post by stone » Thu, 08 Jun 2000 04:00:00

Can anyone please give this newbie to Apache a helping hand please?
I can't program my way out of a paper bag, so instructions for a moron would
be very much appreciated.

Server running in a Win32 (Windows 98 SE) environment, unix commands are not
an option... as far as I know.

Getting error:

couldn't spawn child process:


<VirtualHost 123.45.678.90>

   DocumentRoot /servers/Apache/wwwroot/vhosts/server1
   ServerName localhost
   ErrorLog /servers/Apache/wwwroot/vhosts/server1/logs/error.log
   CustomLog /servers/Apache/wwwroot/vhosts/server1/logs/access.log common
   ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ "/servers/Apache/wwwroot/vhosts/server1/cgi-bin/"
   <Directory "d:/servers/Apache/wwwroot/vhosts/server1/cgi-bin">
       AllowOverride None
       Options None
       Order allow,deny
       Allow from all
   ScriptAlias /ubb-cgi/
   <Directory "d:/servers/Apache/wwwroot/vhosts/server1/cgi-bin/ubbcgi/">
       AllowOverride None
       Options None
       Order allow,deny
       Allow from all


1. Problem using #perl server-side includes, Apache 1.3.12 on Solaris


I am in the process of getting up to speed on web development techniques. I
am unable to convince my Apache 1.3.12 Solaris web server to handle this
server-side include snippet:

<!-- from "Writing Apache Modules with Perl and C", O'Reilly& Associates,
March 1999, 1st Ed. p. 382 --> <!--#perl arg="hello" arg="SSI" arg="world"

The Apache error log reports the following: [Fri Jul 21 09:38:07 2000]
[error] [client ... ] unknown directive "perl" in parsed doc /home/ ...

The server-parsing seems to be working, but the mod_include appears to be
having trouble recognizing #perl.  Earlier, I successfully got a "#include
virtual=..." SSI working, so I know the machinery is there somewhere.
/status/perl tells me all the mod_perl hooks are enabled, and the httpd.conf
specifies mod_perl and mod_include in the list of LoadModule/AddModule

Any articles already there which might help?  I've searched the archive but
haven't found anything, with the exception of a "mod_include & security"
thread that tells me someone got it working awhile ago.

-chris walquist

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