Scripted download of an entire on-line database, how?

Scripted download of an entire on-line database, how?

Post by Dr H. T. Leu » Sat, 16 May 1998 04:00:00

Essentially I would like to download an entire on-line database and mirrors
it; how can I do that? I am thinking of doing a scripted/automated
scheduled search of every item on that particular site (over a period
of severl days or even weeks, that is) and save the result and re-arrange
it; the data base is estimated to be a few hundred Meg in size - I know the
traffic involved is quite substantial. How?

I have got a linux machine permanently switched on and connected to the
internet via a T1 line; and I can install any package of scripting
langauge as long as it is available for the intel/linux platform.
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