Does apache 1.3.19 support HTTP/1.1 if configured as reverse proxy

Does apache 1.3.19 support HTTP/1.1 if configured as reverse proxy

Post by Jenn » Thu, 06 Dec 2001 02:49:39


From all I read, apache should support HTTP/1.1. But I config it as a
reverse proxy and I send HTTP/1.1 requests. It gives me errors. I
trace the source codes and notice the it does  not support persistent
connection at all. It really confused me. Can anybody gives me a help
on it? Thanks.



1. KeepAlive in Apache 1.3.19 Proxy

I am trying to have persistent connection in Apache PROXY 1.3.19 but I
am unable to get it so far.
I applied the latest patch available on apache's site
( Still the
connection doesn't remain persistent.

Has anyone tried to have persistent connection in Apache PROXY 1.3.19?
If so, did you get it or not? Do you have the same problem?. My
browser is making the request with HTTP/1.1 and Connection: KeepAlive
but after the request passes the proxy, it becomes HTTP/1.0 and
Connection: parameter is missing. Without the proxy, I do get
persistent connection.

Even after applying the patch, I still see in proxy_http.c file that
the code for keepalive is not there (line # 351).

If you have any useful links for the files or documentation for
persistent connection in Proxy, please send me.

Also, when Apache 2.0.16 is going to be available in production
version? It is available in beta version right now.

Thanks a lot!!!!

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