Limit GET question with Userdir

Limit GET question with Userdir

Post by Robert Nichols » Sun, 29 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Is the correct way to control access rights to users home directories
either of

1. Use the common parent as a <Directory block in access.conf


2. Define the Limit rules in the .htaccess file in the common parent

How are the rules for User dir's defined?

ie. User dirs are out of DocumentRoot right.. So what's the default
setup and where's it inherited from? Since all Limits have to be
specified within a Directory block in the global ACF right?

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1. 755 userdirs? for ~userdir/public_html?

755 userdirs? for ~userdir/public_html?
[on a 7.1 box upgraded to fully patched 7.2]
I expected it to be enough to chmod 755
the public_html subdir to use Apache
mod_usedir.  I'm finding that I also have to
chmod 755 the /home/userdir as well.
Is there another way and if not, can
/etc/defaults/useradd.conf  be set to
make the userdir 755 when the acct
is created?
This box is dedicated to a web design
class where I have to provide some
upload access.  I'm using proftpd to
chroot users into their home dirs.  I
would like to get setting up web upload
access on this box to a single step.

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