CERN httpd & user CGI scripts

CERN httpd & user CGI scripts

Post by Jason Armbrust » Thu, 31 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Hello.  Can someone out there PLEASE give me a hand.  Is there anyway to configure
CERN httpd to let users run cgi scripts from their own account.  I know with NCSA
httpd, you could put the following in the access.conf file:
<Directory /user/joe>
Options execCGI Indexes

Is there anything like this in the CERN httpd?  Thanks to anyone who can help! :)



1. Bug(?) with cgi scripts under CERN httpd

I'm having problems with cgi scripts not getting killed if httpd
is terminated.

Some of my scripts generate some very long documents, and users
get impatient and close the connection before the script has finished
writing its output. The httpd itself dies off, but the script and
all its children do not.

Is there something special I should be putting in the script to
catch a signal that httpd may be sending?

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