Apache mod_auth_dbm & vitual host

Apache mod_auth_dbm & vitual host

Post by Andrew Loftu » Wed, 07 Jul 1999 04:00:00

mod_auth_dbm fails to find key in dbm file.

user/passwd verified via LDAP (auth_LDAP,
group access checked via AuthDBMGroupFile

This worked when setup for single server.  I now added a virtual server
and moved the relative configuration directives to a seperate file
(specified in the <VirtualHost> section).  LDAP authentication succeeds
as before, but now auth_dbm fails with the following error:
"user aloftus not in DBM group file /proj/bt/httpd/Auth/btWebGroups"

Is there anything I could have skipped or need to do differently when
using virtual hosts?  It can find the dbm file and I know the entries
exist and are correct in the dbm file.

What types of things could I look for that might be causing this

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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