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An MRTG package that integrates the SNMP features of Squid.

Anemone integrates the flexible real-time status graphic
capabilities of MRTG with the powerful SNMP data-reporting facilities of
the Squid accelerator cache. This combination provides real-time graphing
of web-server usage as well as other useful real-time information.

Depends on Redhat Linux 6.x and Tomahawk found at:

call (805) 733-3247


1. mailpak-0.1 prerelease announcement

As soon as I get linux re-installed on another HD (my controller fried and
took cylinder 0 with it, yuck), I'll be releasing this.  Sometime tomorrow
or this weekend.
This is release 0.1 of my email package.  It includes:

1.      elm2.3 patch level 11 sources, ready to compile with gcc 2.2.2.
2.      taylor-uucp, patch level 1.03a, ready to compile, with sample
        Systems, Devices, and Permissions files.
3.      mail, Emmett Gray's mailer (with extensive hacks by me).
4.      smail3, for those who need it, with a simple paths file.

Watch comp.os.linux for announcements on updates, etc.

-- Ed Carp


To compile:

cd uucp
more -c README.linux
cp uucpfiles/* /usr/lib/uucp
chmod 600 /usr/lib/uucp/*
chown uucp /usr/lib/uucp/*
make;make install
cd ../../elm2.3
more -c README.linux
sh Configure
make all
chmod 2755 bin/elm
chgrp mail bin/elm
mv bin/* /usr/local/bin
# if you want to use my mailer...
cd ../mail
mv mail /bin/mail
ln /bin/mail /bin/rmail
# else do this:
cd smail
(then follow the directions in Install)

Edit Devices, Permissions, and Systems in /usr/lib/uucp to suit.
Edit (or build) /usr/lib/uucp/paths.  I dn't include pathalias
in this package - you can get it from  If enough people
complain, I'll include it in the next release.


I suggest you use elm as your high-level transport mechanism, and leave
/bin/mail alone.

elm sometimes has trouble restoring premissions for mailboxes.


"In wildness is the preservation of the world."  - Henry David Thoreau
** Member, Linux port team - uucp division ** :)   801/269-8125

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