PHP4 pages containing html displaying blank

PHP4 pages containing html displaying blank

Post by Shei » Sat, 27 Oct 2001 08:57:39

I've finally gotten PHP, Apache, and SSL running on RH.  But...when I
try to open a script that  has mixed php and html, IE displays a blank
screen and Netscape gives a popup error that hte page contains no
data.  View source shows only the html code.  If I run a straight php
script <?php echo phpinfo() ?> it works fine.

PHP is compiled as a static module as that's the only way we could get
it working.  Does anyone have any suggestions?



1. PHP4 instructions do not work in HTML files

Hi there,

I have recently installed PHP4 on my Suse 7.3 System. It seems as if
the module has been installed properly  since I do not get any error
messages during Apache startup.

When I execute PHP instructions within a *.php file the browser
displays the expected output.

However, nothing happens if I include PHP instructions in a HTML file,
framing them with "<?  ?>" or "<script language="php">" tags.

It seems to me as if apache somehow does not know where to deliver PHP
scripts to. Does anyone have a hint where to start debugging?

Thanks in advance

Kernel 2.4.18
PHP 4.0.6
Apache 1.3.20

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