Problem with JServ class pointer in file

Problem with JServ class pointer in file

Post by Vaithilingam, Satheeskumar [CAR:VN00:EXCH » Wed, 07 Jul 1999 04:00:00

I am trying to configure and run JServ on Solarias with Apache 1.3.6 web

In my file, I left the following lines as it is:

# Apache JServ entry point class (should not be changed)
# Syntax: wrapper.class=[classname]
# Default: "org.apache.jserv.JServ"

So by default wrapper.class is pointing to org.apache.jserv.JServ

However, when I start the apache web server, I am getting the following
error in my error_log file:

"Can't find class org.apache.jserv.JServ"

Although the apache web server is up and running (despite the error in
the error_log file), the servlet
programs are not running through web.

Does any body know why I am getting this error and why the servlet
programs are not running
through web.

Thanks in advance.

Satheeskumar Vaithilingam
MSH Architecture
Nortel Networks, Ottawa, Canada

Telephone: (613) 763-6527
Fax      : (613) 763-3292


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