search engine with phrase search

search engine with phrase search

Post by SK » Tue, 30 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Can anyone suggest a search engine for AIX with Apache as web server? The
search engine must be able to do - phrase search and sub-section search(only
search the specified branch of a tree).

The only one i know is Verity Information server.

Does anyone know if PLWeb turbo 2.6 does phrase search? Or if WebWorks
Search by Quadralay does phrase search?

Or any other one that would fit the requirements?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



1. NEED SEARCH ENGINE / ROBOT: Search our site and all linked sites

I'm looking for a search program that will search and index everything on my
site AND on all sites linked to mine.  As such, this is different from most
queries of this type (many of which I read via Dejanews before posting this
article), that are looking for engines that only search the local site.

System is Linux 2.0.26, so any solution needs to run under Linux, though if
such were available for Windows 95 I could run it on the Win95 workstation and
make its output available.

Please respond either here or via e-mail and I'll summarize any emailed

Thanks ...

Eric Poole

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