Netscape Server, init-cgi, and SSI?

Netscape Server, init-cgi, and SSI?

Post by Alvin Chia-Hua Sh » Tue, 10 Sep 1996 04:00:00

I'm on a Netscape server configured to pass specific environment variables
to the CGI scripts using a line in magnus.conf like:

   Init fn=init-cgi env_var=foo

But a SSI line like:

   <!--#echo var="env_var"-->

doesn't seem to pick them up.

Is there an easy fix for this?


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1. Netscape/1.1 SSI-commands from CGI not prosessed, hot to fix ?

The problem:

When sending SSI-commands from CGI-script they are just dumped
to client, not prosessed by the server, like

(PERL) print "<!--#echo var=\"LAST_MODIFIED\" -->";

What have i tried:

CGI-program works (exept SSIs)
SSI-commands work from plain HTML-pages
Sending "text/x-server-parsed-html" as a Content-type of the script

Server info:

#exec SSI-command is disabled

Any ideas to how to fix this ?

Thanks in advance,


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