128 bit Browsers

128 bit Browsers

Post by Leo » Fri, 02 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Am I correct in thinking that 128-bit web browsers are not obtainable
outside the US?

I'm running Apache SSL but have no way to see if it's working correctly at
this encryption level.

Thanks for any help



1. Problems with mod_ssl and 128-bit browsers

I've recently noticed a problem with Apache 1.3.4 / mod_ssl 2.1.7 / SSLeay
0.90b on Linux 2.0.36.

When connecting to the site with a 40-bit browser, things seem to run
smoothly.  However, when running a 128-bit browser and connecting to the
same site (I've tested this with both IE and Netscape), I get a network
error (unable to connect to host) and it logs a segmentation fault in the

Has anyone seen this behaviour before?  I've run this same setup numerous
times on FreeBSD, but this is my first time doing it on Linux, and it's not
proving to be a fun ordeal ;)



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