HELP with "" on dg-ux AViiON

HELP with "" on dg-ux AViiON

Post by jake » Sun, 13 Jan 2002 08:10:23


I am having a problem installing the binary distribution of apache on a
Data General box.  The problem i am having seems to be a permissions/uid
problem.  After g-unzipping and untarring the binary distribution from
the website the "" script is giving me
the folowing errors:

UX: tar: WARNING: Could not get passwd information for <each file it

It also has a similar message for "goup info" for some of the files it
moves.  I went in and changed the permisssions manually, but httpd still
fails to start, grumbling about a "setuid failed" in the error_log.

Can someone please tell me what is going on??  Why is the
"" returning a tar error?  After looking over the
script, all it seems to do is move the files and set their permissions.
I know tar will try to restore the original user/permissions on a file
that it restores.  Can somebody please tell me the correct tar command
to use, when unpacking the tar ball.  Currently i am using, logged in as
root:  #tar -xvf apache_1.3.9-dgux-AViiON.
Perhaps the /etc/passwd or /etc/group file on my box is missing
something? or bad?

This has been a very frustrating problem.  Any help is much
appreciated.  Thankyou.

You may email me or respond here:  I will sumarize.



HELP with "" on dg-ux AViiON

Post by jake » Wed, 16 Jan 2002 13:19:59

Well i didn't receive a single email or reply from you folks, but i have
been able to fix the problem.  I have discovered my problem was two fold:

First, "" invokes tar to move subdirectories:
(cd ${from} && tar -cf - *) | (cd ${to} && tar -xf -)

Second, some kernals cannot accept users above 60,000 -> "nobody" and cannot
use 12 -> "daemon" for some reason.  (see note in httpd.conf)  Therefore, i
had to set the "group" and "user" parameters in "httpd.conf" to a user/group
i created "www" in both /etc/passwd and /etc/group.  Then started the daemon
as root and it transfers over the permissions.

But not DEC where i had previously installed apache on.
Hope this helps somone out.