New HTTPd server problems

New HTTPd server problems

Post by Jay Brian Kumme » Thu, 22 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Hi gurus:

I am new to setting up UNIX HTTP servers, so please forgive any obvious
ignorance on my part. I have a problem that I can't seem to solve with
the documentation available, and hope that one of you can give me a few
things to try.

I set up the server on a less-used SGI workstation (running IRIX 4.0.5).
[As a sidebar, I have installed each of the 3 UNIX servers currently
available (CERN, NCSA 1.5a, Apache) and the following problem happened
when each was acting as the HTTP server.] When running a server, I set it
up as an inetd daemon. The problem occurs after the server is running and
I point to it the site with netscape -- I get the error "Document
contains no data" (each server gave the same result). This is obviously a
fundamental problem -- too bad the error message isn't more informative.
I do have a test document in my DocumentRoot, and if I point to it
explitictly I get the same message. Directory indexing doesn't work as
expected. Baffling to me -- hope its obvious to you. Perhaps its a
permissions problem on the server system?

Any suggestions (please)?

Thanks very much.

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1. httpd.h in Apache httpd server src tree

RE: line 72

#define Document_Location "/path"

Is "/path"intended to be the default location of the .conf files or the
default DocumentRoot to load a starting html index from if no DocumentRoot
is defined in srm.conf?

Fyi, a look at the source shows hard-coded paths and hrefs in the cgi-bin
sources as well, so one should probably run strings on the binaries before
using them, and make sure that those paths and URLs are what you actually
want for default behavior.

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