how to authentic FTP users

how to authentic FTP users

Post by Mark Slick » Wed, 30 Aug 2000 04:00:00

We want to set up a web site to allow paid customer to download
software that they purchased, but I also want to block the
non-paying users from downloading it.  Is there an easy way
on web site to direct paid users to download file and not
paid users to other section?  If so, how?  Thanks!

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1. How to create a ftp user such as FTP/anonymous???

I know how to setup userid=FTP or anonymous.  But I don't know how to setup
another ftp users have the same ftp restriction such as FTP or anonymous.
Normally, userid=FTP has a lot of restriction during ftp (eg. During ftp,
FTP home directory as the system server root, seem to be a virtual root.
During ftp, FTP user cannot go outside from FTP home directory).  I had
already follow the same procedure as FTP to setup other userid but it
didn't work.  When I use "cd /" during ftp, the user can go to the real
server root.  It is hard for me to protect the server.  Please Help!!!  Or
have any idea/suggestion???

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