Apache 1.2.5 and frontpage extentions

Apache 1.2.5 and frontpage extentions

Post by tgrave » Fri, 29 May 1998 04:00:00

Hi everybody,

I installed SuSe 5.1 and apache 1.2.5 on my machine.

The apache server does his job very well, I have create one root web and
some virtuell webs.
I can browse them with my browser ;-)

And now I have to install frontpage extentions 3.0 for this virtuell
If I start the installationscript and I answered the questions with the
truth, this script installed me the root web.

And than if this script have to tell me the virtuell web, that I defined
in the file httpd.conf, it counts just any webs like this:

22) VirtWeb22
23) VirtWeb23
and so on

I hope you understand my problem.

If you have anything  that may help, please write me a mail.
I have to say that this is a little bit urgent *smile*


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I am trying to install the frontpage extentions into Apache.  Apache is
installed as a RH RPM.  I am using the fp_install.sh script provided
with FP.  The problem occurs when trying to create the root web:

Creating root web
'../usr/local/www/htdocs' does not refer to a page in this web.
ERROR:  / installation failed.
Hit enter to continue

Exiting due to an error!  Please fix the error and try again.

/usr/local/www/htdocs is valid, and that is my root dir for webs.  I
just don't get it.  Permissions shouldn't be a problem because I am
logged on as root.  Please help, I have run out of ideas.


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