Can't start Netscape server on port 80 as a non-root non-nobody user.

Can't start Netscape server on port 80 as a non-root non-nobody user.

Post by John Kimba » Thu, 24 Sep 1998 04:00:00

I'm trying to get a new SUN Intranet server up.  Whenever I start Netscape
Enterprise server on port 80 as user webman (who doesn't belong to group 0
or nobody) and try to access a page, my Netscape browser seems to go into
an infinite loop of Connect/Tyring To Contact messages.

If I choose port 81, 7999, or 8000, everything is fine.

If I start the server as root or nobody everything is fine.

What's going on?

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Please e-mail me any suggestions.


John M. Kimball                         SDRC

Web:  Milford, Ohio 45150


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Hi Folks,

Here is the problem.

I have user A and user B (non-root users)

I need for user A to initiate a job as user B. How can this be done?

As you know, I can do this as root. I can start a process from root as
another user in the system (cron jobs come to my mind!) Is there a way
to do this for non-root users? I believe I need to be able to do
something like  as user A
"su - B" without being prompted for password.

Appreciate suggestions in advance.


BTW: I am using AIX 4.3.10

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