Q: Content-Length to dynamic pages

Q: Content-Length to dynamic pages

Post by fim.. » Fri, 01 Dec 2000 14:20:36

Does anyone have any tips or pointers to some help on how I would add
the Content-Length directive on a dynamically generated response using C
modules?  I've been playing with Apache 1.3.9, on Debian 2.2, and I
haven't have much luck with using ap_set_content_length() after
generating my web page.


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1. content-length not returned in some headers


I was looking at the headers some Apache servers return and noticed that the
server doesn't always return the content-length :(
I tried looking for a pattern, but it looks like it's random.  Apache sends
the length for some HTML files, and then doesn't for other ones....

for an example, try looking at the headers returned by something like

Does anyone know why that is ?  Also, this may not be only the Apache

Thanks !

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