Apache 1.3.14 VHosts Problem

Apache 1.3.14 VHosts Problem

Post by adam » Tue, 21 Nov 2000 04:00:00

> Hi,

> Here's the beef:  1 machine (Redhat 7, Apache 1.3.14) running on an
> internal network with a address.  I've got another machine
> with Win2K professional with my USB ADSL modem plugged into it which is
> always on but gets a dynamic ip address and is connected to my internal
> network as  I'm using DYNU.COM to handle my dynamic ip
> address, so anything sent to "mydomain.dynu.com" will make it to my
> win2k box.  From here, i'm forwarding my port 80 stuff (winroute) to my
> linux box.  Sweet.  All http requests to "mydomain.dynu.com" are
> forwarded to my win2k box and on to my linux box and i can see my test
> page in a browser from the outside.

> So now i wanted to shift my own domains over here (i have 2).  So i
> tell my domain company (d-na.com) to forward anything for my domains
> (www.myotherdomain1.com and www.myotherdomain2.com) to
> mydomain.dynu.com.  Then I set up my httpd.conf like this:

> NameVirtualHost *

> # Virtual Hosts //////////////////////////////////////

> <VirtualHost *>
> DocumentRoot /var/www/www.myotherdomain1.com
> ServerName www.myotherdomain1.com

> ErrorLog /usr/log/www.myotherdomain1.com-error_log
> TransferLog /usr/log/www.myotherdomain1.com-access_log
> </VirtualHost>

> <VirtualHost *>
> DocumentRoot /var/www/www.myotherdomain2.com
> ServerName www.myotherdomain2.com

> ErrorLog /usr/log/www.myotherdomain2.com-error_log
> TransferLog /usr/log/www.myotherdomain2.com-access_log
> </VirtualHost>

> But all I get is a connection timeout.

> I can't even connect to my original "mydomain.dynu.com" address (but
> this is because my main server is no longer available, and I have to
> add a vhost block for this too, right?...whatever, it's the other
> domains i'm worried about anyway)

> Anyway, is what i'm trying to do possible?  I read the docs and
> upgraded to 1.3.14 so that the wildcard "*" would work but she just
> ain't listening.  This should be simple name based virtual hosting,
> right?

> Ideas?

First, you don't need wild cards here since this server only has one IP
(and a static, no matter if private, one at that).  Use NameVirtualHost, and same for the <VirtualHost blocks.  Make sure your DNS
is set up correctly (nslookup domain.com) and if you have an outside
account try  telneting to your current public IP, port 80 and
GET / HTTP/1.1
Host: mydomain.com
Connection: Close

Check the error_logs and access_logs and see if you get anything logged
at all.  Get a better idea if it is an apache config problem, a DNS
problem, a NAT/routing problem, etc.



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