Encryption in strange places (need source code)

Encryption in strange places (need source code)

Post by Gary Lawrence Murph » Fri, 16 Aug 1996 04:00:00

I need to encrypt a file on an MVS machine before relaying it over
SNA to the internet.  Everything seems simple enough, except the
MVS part.

Is there C-language public domain (or otherwise) source code available
to do PGP encryption?  My guess is this would be embedded into any
Apache modules supporting encryption schemes, but I'd prefer if there
was a stand-along version.

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address listed below.


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1. Source code for password encryption wanted

 I would like to have public domain (which will be used in a commercial
 product without any royalty) source code for password encryption. If you
 have written or know where to get it from, please send me a mail at

 Please send me mail directly, since I am not a regular reader of this group.

 Thnx a lot, Manu

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