CERN 4.0 Lib and HTTPD

CERN 4.0 Lib and HTTPD

Post by Gilbert You » Thu, 28 Mar 1996 04:00:00

Fellow Net Citizens,

        I have been working on getting the CERN proxy service to allow
FTP connections to a site that does not allow PASV FTP connections.
(try through a CERN proxy server)

        It seems that this problem has been fixed in the 4.0 version of
the library, where the FTP code resides for the W3C projects. I deduced this
by seeing the (big) differences in the FTP code in both libraries and
compiling the LineMode browser (www) with the 4.0 library and VOILA!
(Thats French for "It Worked!").

The only problem is that the 3.0 daemon will not compile with the 4.0
release of the library, it will only compile with version 2.17 of the library.

Is there anyone else aware of this problem or is in the same boat as I
and has found a workaround? Any W3C people out there with suggestions?

        Gil Young


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