Multiple passwords for same user in .htpasswd

Multiple passwords for same user in .htpasswd

Post by Brent Wolfra » Wed, 30 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Hi there,

I'm running a Netscape Commerce Server, but I'm pretty sure this problem
applies to any other type of server using the .htaccess/.htpasswd
authentication scheme.

A user of mine wants to have multiple passwords for the same Username in
the .htpasswd file.  E.g.


What seems to happen, however, is the server only looks for the first
instance of the Username and if the password doesn't match, it will stop
there, ignoring all the other entries.

Is it possible to set up authentication with multiple passwords on the same
username?  In my experience, I see no way to set this up, but if anyone has
come up with some hacked up methed to do it, please let me know!

Thanks in advance,

Windsor Information Network Company, Ltd.


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I want to provide a web page to allow users to update their password.
The Apache is running on Solaris(unix).

The web site is protected by access.conf, .htaccess., htpasswd with

In CGI(perl), we want to use "htpasswd" utility to generate the
username and password store them in a file called "users".

The following is what I tested:
    The file "users" must be group writable to allow Perl CGI to    
    call "htpasswd..." to change the password. There is a bad side -
    UNIX command line, any group user can manually call "htpasswd..."
    change someone else's password.

Is it possible to call "htpasswd..." in CGI while the file storing
user and
password pairs is writable only to administrator or specific person?


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