Solaris vs. WebTrends on NT2K - date showing up in directory

Solaris vs. WebTrends on NT2K - date showing up in directory

Post by Ji » Wed, 16 Oct 2002 19:35:53

Hey all,

I've got a weird problem - I've inherited part of the network guy's
job and I'm trying to draw in the log files from one of our virtual
webs (Solaris 5.7/Apache )to our existing analysis program (WebTrends
7.0c) and I'm having trouble with phantom dates in the directories.

Checking through the shell and on a PC ftp app on the same machine,
assume a normal path (/usr/local/apache/logs/) pointing to a set of
log files:


which looks right, but when I browse through WebTrends to the log, the
file in the directory shows:

15 12:25 logfile
15 12:25 logfile_error

And of course the dates are progressive, always changing (otherwise I
could fake it with wildcards, but alas I'm not that lucky). I'm sure
it is a Solaris issue, as there are other logs running without the
extra hidden wonderfulness. The apache config files look fine...

Ideas? Anyone? Is this is a known issue? (WebTrends went VERY
expensive 1 July for support)



1. WebTrends Enterprise Suite vs. WebTrends Enterprise Reporting Server?

At work, I currently use WebTrends Enterprise Suite (3.5, I think)
on a Windows NT box for web log analysis and reporting.  It produces
pretty pictures and charts that executive sorts like, and does a
pretty good job of it.

Unfortunately, it also manages to crash randomly, as does the NT box
as a whole.  Having better things to do with my time than babysit the
two of them, re-run missed reports, and such, I've been considering
trying to move off the NT box onto a Solaris or Linux box.

I've noticed that WebTrends Enterprise Reporting Server is available
for Solaris and Linux, and costs the same as Enterprise Suite.  But
on WebTrends' web site, I have been unable to find a head-to-head
comparison of the two products.  Enterprise Suite's brochure says it's
the "most comprehensive" or some such, while Enterprise Reporting
Server's says it's the "most powerful."

I don't care about the marketing fluff; I want a comparison of specs,
features and such. :)  So I'll be pestering WebTrends to see if they
can cough one up.

In the meantime, I'm curious as to whether anyone out there in Usenet
land has actually used both of these products, or moved from one to
the other (either way).  If you have, I'd be interested in hearing
your thoughts, opinions and experiences.

I'm sending followups to c.i.w.s.unix, since I'm hoping to wind up on
the UNIX side of things.


Dan Birchall - Palolo Valley - Hawaii -
Spam is for musubi, not e-mail.  Pass Hawaii Senate Bill 2352!
My address expires.  Take out the hex stamp if replies bounce.

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