IBM Internet Server and multiple domains?

IBM Internet Server and multiple domains?

Post by Derek Wa » Fri, 21 Jun 1996 04:00:00

I am trying to get an IBM Internet Connection Server (on AIX now, then
OS/2) to recognize multiple domains.  I've played around with the
resource mapping parameters in the config file to no avail.

Has anyone gotten this to work?  If so, can you please e-mail me with
how you did it?  I have the RS/6000 recognizing multiple IP/domains,
so there is no problem there.

I'd appreciate any help!

Thanks in advance,

Group West Systems Ltd.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


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I'd be interested to learn how you did it with WWW.

IMHO putting the address on outgoing mail is not really a job for the
MTA, the MUA should do it. As for sorting incomming mail domain I'm
sure I've seen an answer but I can't remember it. If you really want
an answer read/post to comp.mail.smail.

(I may be wrong but) AFAIK you can't. An IP server program cannot tell
which DNS alias you used. If you give your box multile IP *numbers*
too you could hack the ftpd to know which you used.

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